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Science Proves Wind Energy is Safe

By on January 10, 2013

The release of a report studying infrasound and low-frequency sound at the Shirley Wind Farm in Brown County, WI created a large number of local press stories after the results were presented by Rep. Andre Jacque as presenting'dangerous levels' of noise, and called for a moratorium on the permitting of wind projects in Wisconsin.

The study brought together 5 acuostic consultants to determine the levels of infrasound and low-frequency nosie at home surrounding the Shirley Project. The report calls for more study, but fails to link health problems to noise from the wind turbines.

In response, Wind on the Wires and AWEA wrote a letter, Science proves wind energy is safe for Wisconsin, which appeared in the Green Bay Press Gazette on January 9, 2013. The response letter highlights that "experts around the world have resoundingly stated that the audible and inaudible sounds emitted from wind farms do not represent a human health risk." It also reminds readers that "consideration of any potential health effects related to wind turbine sound should always include the benefits of wind energy for the environment and public health. Wind energy is an inexhaustible resource that generates no pollution or hazardous waste, does not deplete fresh water resources, and requires no mining, transportation, or refining of a feedstock or fuel."


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