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Paradigm shift: Wind energy can be the new baseload

NREL   turbines water

Exciting news came at a recent energy policy forum in Minnesota when David Saggau, CEO of Great River Energy, which provides energy to 28 electric co-ops in Minnesota, stated that he sees wind quickly becoming the new base-load.  “In the past, we tended to think of our coal resources as baseload and every other resource being supplemental to that,” said Saggau. “I would suggest to you that wind is quickly becoming the new baseload; and   […]   Read More »

Clean, Low-cost Wind Energy Is a Smart Choice


Minnesota now gets over 17% of its electricity from wind energy. That’s great news for all Minnesotans. We can all benefit from lower electricity costs. Across the Midwest, low-cost wind energy is a smart choice.

Wind has become one of the most affordable sources of electricity generation, which keeps more money in your pocket and helps keep costs low for businesses. In fact, wind power’s price has dropped 66 percent in the last 6 years   […]   Read More »