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Renewables First

Opportunities Abound for Jackson County Minnesota

By Cheryl Glaeser | Feb. 22, 2018
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We’ve probably all heard about the wind energy benefit of production tax payments for Minnesota - $12.07 million in to Minnesota counties and townships in 2017 – and how these funds are used to stabilize or reduce local taxes and improve roads. But there is so much more to the benefits of wind. This became even more evident for me as I attended a meeting hosted by EDF Renewable Energy for the Oza Tonka Wind   […]   Read More »

Harvesting the Wind Delivers Many Benefits

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Wind energy is helping to keep electricity costs 14 percent below the national average here in Minnesota. How can that be possible? Electricity bills are lower in Minnesota because we are active conservationists.  We conserve our environment, we conserve energy, and our utilities are helping us take advantage of our clean, renewable, low-cost energy resources.

Our electric grid operator, the Midcontinent Independent System Operator (MISO), selects the lowest cost energy resource to meet demand   […]   Read More »

Wind Industry Adding Jobs, Economic Development to Rural America


If you tune into the news these days, you might be surprised to learn that there is one thing both sides of the aisle are supporting: wind energy. That’s because wind energy generates more than just low-cost, clean, renewable energy. It is investing billions of dollars and generating economic growth for rural districts across the country, no matter the districts’ political leanings. The U.S. wind industry is supplying rural America with much-needed jobs and new county   […]   Read More »

Words can fuel perceived health impacts of wind turbines

By Guest Author | Dec. 19, 2017

Do you have sores on your feet? Is your hair turning grey? You may live near a wind turbine. Or at least that’s what certain stories you can find on the Internet would have you believe – that wind turbines cause health problems. In reality, tens of millions of people comfortably live near wind projects around the globe with no   […]   Read More »

House Tax Bill Thwarts Good Policy that is Delivering on the President’s Agenda

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House lawmakers have proposed changes in their tax reform bill that renege on a bipartisan 2015 deal to extend and phase out the Production Tax Credit (PTC) by 2020. Their bill will create a ripple effect of consequences the opposite of their stated intentions for tax reform: a better environment for American businesses and opportunities for American workers.

The Production Tax Credit (PTC) is an excellent example of a market-driven policy that has actually worked.   […]   Read More »

Farming Renewable Energy – Five Reasons Farmers Love Wind & Solar

Wind Energy Helps Farmers

There are many benefits to installing more renewable energy. Renewable energy costs are falling dramatically, it provides another reliable source of homegrown energy, has created jobs and invested billions across rural America, and is driving more competition in the energy markets.

Renewable energy projects like solar and wind are installed primarily in rural America. Farmers and ranchers have a long relationship making a living from their land, working alongside it to both maximize their   […]   Read More »

4 Ways You Can Help Renewable Energy as a Citizen

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There are plenty of reasons that public support for renewable energy has been climbing. Many people see building wind and solar energy as a way to diversify America’s energy sources to be more homegrown, low-cost and renewable. Some support renewable energy because it does not release carbon emissions, a boon compared to other sources of making electricity. Consumers across the Midwest are benefiting from renewable energy’s low price, too. Competition in the energy market is working   […]   Read More »

The Clean Energy Boom Is Here, and Its Benefits Aren’t Slowing

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The U.S. is benefitting from a clean energy boom, and it’s got the facts to prove it.

You don’t have to look far to find a wind farm or factory that builds wind turbine parts — all 50 states have wind farms or wind factories, if not both. And the growing solar industry is no longer limited to sunny California. States like North Carolina, New Jersey, Massachusetts and many in the Southwest are taking advantage of fast-falling solar   […]   Read More »