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Renewables First

Michigan Couple Says "I Do" at Wind Farm

Wind Farm Wedding   Wind on the Wires

A Michigan couple said their vows beneath the spinning wind turbines of Windswept Farms in Ludington on August 22, 2015. As big fans of wind energy, the two were pleased to invite their guests to the countryside where wind turbines could provide the perfect backdrop for their special day.

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"We are huge   […]   Read More »

Just Smart: Diversity on our electric grid ensures reliability and low costs

Diversity Ensures Reliability for Electric Grid   Wind on the Wires

It seems like everything in our lives these cays can be customized. We all have our own phone numbers, set our personal preferences for temperature in the car between the driver and passenger side, front seat and back seat, not to mention fully adjustable seats and heated steering wheels.  We have thermostats that can adjust the temperature in our homes based on our preferences and schedules – which we can further manipulate remotely from our phones.   […]   Read More »

New Study Shows Local Economic Benefits of Wind Farms

Wind Farms Bring Local Economic Benefits   Wind on the Wires

It’s easy to list the reasons that rural communities love wind — they provide a new source of tax revenue for counties and townships, lease payments for rural landowners, new jobs and economic development in areas that need it most, and they help to fund community projects and schools.

Now, a new report from Moody’s Investors Service highlights how wind projects are boosting tax revenues and helping erase debt in   […]   Read More »

In the beginning, there was light – the evolution of corporate energy purchasing

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After decades of relative status quo, our nation’s energy system is evolving.  In the beginning, power plants were built to provide energy to an individual community.  Once regulated utilities became the norm beginning in the 1930s, the grid operated relatively unchanged until 1978.  Public Utilities Commissions and utilities determined how much energy was needed, agreed on the costs, the utility built the power plant, delivered the electricity to its customers, we paid the bill, and that   […]   Read More »

Corn, beans and wind energy? Farmers are diversifying with wind

Helping Keep the Farm in the Family

Memorial Day is a good time to reflect on the fundamental rights of every American to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Liberty means freedom.  We hear a lot about the freedom of the press, religion, speech and many others. For our farmers, however, freedom also means the ability to earn an honest living from their land.

According to the US Department of Agriculture, 97 percent of all farms in the United States are   […]   Read More »

Fact Check: Minnesota wind power offers low-cost, reliable, clean electricity

By Guest Author | Apr. 24, 2018
Minnesota wind power offers low cost reliable clean electricity   Wind on the Wires

The Clear Energy Alliance, a group that frequently presents misleading information about renewables, is out with a new video that spreads a false narrative about the cost and impact of wind energy in the state. Relying on a flawed report from the Center of the American Experiment (CAE), the Alliance attempts to convince Minnesotans that wind energy is expensive, cannot be reliably and cheaply integrated, and doesn’t help reduce carbon emissions in the state.

These claims   […]   Read More »

Wind and Solar Industries Make Air and Water Cleaner for All Americans

Wind and Solar Clean Air and Water   Wind on the Wires

With Earth Day coming up on April 22, it’s high time we talk about the environmental benefits the wind and solar industries bring to all Americans every day of the year.

We all benefit from cleaner air, cleaner water and fewer greenhouse gas emissions — and renewable energy is delivering a cleaner future for everyone.

According to a report published last year by the Electricity Markets and Policy Group, electricity generated from wind and solar   […]   Read More »

Wind energy – a perfect partner for rural Minnesota

Heartland town sign

Most of us dread tax time. It’s a time of worry and frustration. Anguish over the paperwork.  Anxiously awaiting that last computation that determines our fate.  For thousands of Minnesotans, however, the Minnesota Department of Revenue has some good news for rural counties in Minnesota.  More than $12 million will be on its way to 25 counties in the form of the Wind Energy Production Tax.  Finally, a source of revenue that does not come from   […]   Read More »