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Renewables First

Renewable Energy Jobs Are Skyrocketing in the Midwest

Renewable Energy Jobs Are Skyrocketing in the Midwest   Wind on the Wires

The Midwest is now home to 714,257 clean energy jobs, according to the 2018 Clean Jobs Midwest Report published by Clean Energy Trust and Environmental Entrepreneurs. Clean energy workers do a lot more than install solar panels and wind turbines — this industry includes energy efficiency workers, advancing technology for our electric grid, researching clean fuels, and figuring out ways to advance our transportation.

There’s a strong case for business optimism for the industry,   […]   Read More »

It's American Wind Week, Let's Celebrate!

Blog Post   8 5   AWW 1

American Wind Week is here, and it’s a great time to celebrate America’s #1 source of renewable energy. The United States of America has some of the best wind resources in the entire world. The coasts and the nation’s heartland are often referred to as the “Saudi Arabia of wind energy.” As a result, America has emerged as a leader in this industry thanks to our world-class natural resources and our innovation in power engineering   […]   Read More »

Just Smart: Wind Energy Boosts Energy Independence in America

Wind Energy Boosts Energy Independence in America   Wind on the Wires

One very important component that helps keep the U.S. economy humming is the availability of cheap, reliable electricity to power our lives. Investing in low-cost wind energy to stay competitive and bolster our energy independence is just smart. We all take energy for granted – and that’s a good thing! But, if we want to keep benefitting from cheap power at the flick of a switch, we need to put our energy future into our own   […]   Read More »

What Midwestern Electric Utilities Are Saying About Clean Energy

What Midwestern Electric Utilities Are Saying About Clean Energy   Wind on the Wires

The energy industry has experienced a lot of change, particularly because the cost of wind and solar energy has plummeted faster than experts ever expected. Many electric utilities have taken advantage of this cheap, home-grown renewable energy and the benefits it brings to their customers, their bottom line, our economy, and our environment.

You don’t have to take it from us — read on to learn how – and why – electric utilities are investing   […]   Read More »

Transmission Lines Essential for Reliable, Low-Cost Energy

Transmission Lines Essential for Reliable Low Cost Energy   Wind on the Wires

We all take energy for granted. We flick lightswitches, charge smartphones, and work on computers that are tethered, sometimes invisibly, to a reliable power grid. The fact that most people overlook the power grid is a sign that it’s effective – but that effectiveness requires constant maintenance and adaptation. Our grid’s humble beginning in 1870  looks very different from today’s grid – which is the largest, most complex machine in the world. But just as   […]   Read More »

Michigan Couple Says "I Do" at Wind Farm

Wind Farm Wedding   Wind on the Wires

A Michigan couple said their vows beneath the spinning wind turbines of Windswept Farms in Ludington on August 22, 2015. As big fans of wind energy, the two were pleased to invite their guests to the countryside where wind turbines could provide the perfect backdrop for their special day.

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"We are huge   […]   Read More »

Just Smart: Diversity on our electric grid ensures reliability and low costs

Diversity Ensures Reliability for Electric Grid   Wind on the Wires

Why would we want to stay tethered to old technology, like switching a television set on with a knob, when modern technology offers plug-and-play flexibility at a low price?

It seems like everything in our lives these days can be customized. We all have our own phone numbers, set our personal preferences for temperature in the car between the driver and passenger side, front seat and back seat, not to mention fully adjustable seats   […]   Read More »

New Study Shows Local Economic Benefits of Wind Farms

Wind Farms Bring Local Economic Benefits   Wind on the Wires

It’s easy to list the reasons that rural communities love wind — they provide a new source of tax revenue for counties and townships, lease payments for rural landowners, new jobs and economic development in areas that need it most, and they help to fund community projects and schools.

Now, a new report from Moody’s Investors Service highlights how wind projects are boosting tax revenues and helping erase debt in   […]   Read More »