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Renewables First

Wind and Solar Industries Make Air and Water Cleaner for All Americans

Wind and Solar Clean Air and Water   Wind on the Wires

With Earth Day coming up on April 22, it’s high time we talk about the environmental benefits the wind and solar industries bring to all Americans every day of the year.

We all benefit from cleaner air, cleaner water and fewer greenhouse gas emissions — and renewable energy is delivering a cleaner future for everyone.

According to a report published last year by the Electricity Markets and Policy Group, electricity generated from wind and solar   […]   Read More »

Wind energy – a perfect partner for rural Minnesota

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Most of us dread tax time. It’s a time of worry and frustration. Anguish over the paperwork.  Anxiously awaiting that last computation that determines our fate.  For thousands of Minnesotans, however, the Minnesota Department of Revenue has some good news for rural counties in Minnesota.  More than $12 million will be on its way to 25 counties in the form of the Wind Energy Production Tax.  Finally, a source of revenue that does not come from   […]   Read More »

Wind Energy offers "baseload" support for farmers

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The life of a farmer is not easy.  It’s long hard work fraught with uncertainty around the whims of mother nature and fluctuating commodities markets. 

According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, net farm income is expected to decline 6.7 percent in 2018 to $59.5 billion, a level not seen since 2006.

AWEA_-_Landown7165b20f60Farmers in Minnesota are experiencing the squeeze first-hand. They are facing a fifth   […]   Read More »

Renewable Energy Growth Is Surging and Boosting U.S. Economy

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A new report published this month highlights the rapid growth in renewable energy throughout the U.S.  as the country moves toward a clean energy economy. The 2018 Sustainable Energy in America Factbook was produced by the Business Council for Sustainable Energy (BCSE) by Bloomberg New Energy Finance, and it’s chock full of good news for renewable energy, the U.S. economy, and our low-carbon future.

The report found that renewable energy capacity in the U.S. soared   […]   Read More »

5 Ways Rural Communities Can Win with Wind

Wind on the Wires   Lucky to Have Wind Energy

As St. Patrick's Day approaches, you don't have to look for the end of the rainbow to realize that rural communities are lucky to have wind energy. Wind projects bring many benefits to local landowners, schools, businesses, and communities that host them. Wind developers build 99 percent of their projects in rural communities and are eager to ensure residents receive the full benefits a wind farm can bring.


Wind energy brings a new source of

tax   […]   Read More »

Opportunities Abound for Jackson County Minnesota

By Cheryl Glaeser | Feb. 22, 2018
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We’ve probably all heard about the wind energy benefit of production tax payments for Minnesota - $12.07 million in to Minnesota counties and townships in 2017 – and how these funds are used to stabilize or reduce local taxes and improve roads. But there is so much more to the benefits of wind. This became even more evident for me as I attended a meeting hosted by EDF Renewable Energy for the Oza Tonka Wind   […]   Read More »

Harvesting the Wind Delivers Many Benefits

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Wind energy is helping to keep electricity costs 14 percent below the national average here in Minnesota. How can that be possible? Electricity bills are lower in Minnesota because we are active conservationists.  We conserve our environment, we conserve energy, and our utilities are helping us take advantage of our clean, renewable, low-cost energy resources.

Our electric grid operator, the Midcontinent Independent System Operator (MISO), selects the lowest cost energy resource to meet demand first   […]   Read More »

Wind Industry Adding Jobs, Economic Development to Rural America


If you tune into the news these days, you might be surprised to learn that there is one thing both sides of the aisle are supporting: wind energy. That’s because wind energy generates more than just low-cost, clean, renewable energy. It is investing billions of dollars and generating economic growth for rural districts across the country, no matter the districts’ political leanings. The U.S. wind industry is supplying rural America with much-needed jobs and new county   […]   Read More »