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Renewables First

Transmission Projects Make Grid Reliable, Cleaner, and Invest in America

Transmission Line   Pixabay

Let’s talk about win-wins — technology that can dramatically improve our electrical system and drive the U.S. economy. I’m not talking about something as sleek as Tesla’s Powerwall or the chic design of modern wind turbines — it’s something essential to a modern way of life that most people see every day.

Transmission lines.

Transmission lines are the backbone of America’s grid, delivering electricity from where it is generated to where it is   […]   Read More »

Wind Energy Offers Cleaner Air and Saves Water Resources, Too

Earth Day2f7d2e3ff2

We celebrate Earth Day this month, which makes it an opportune time to take a look at the many benefits wind energy provides as a pollution-free energy resource.

Wind power creates a healthier future — it contributes to cleaner air and better health for Americans as a pollution-free electricity source.

U.S. wind farms cut sulfur dioxide emissions by 76,000 metric tons a year and nitrogen oxide emissions by 106,000 metric tons.

That   […]   Read More »

Smart Choice: Renewable Energy Drives Business Growth


Minnesota celebrates the 10th anniversary of its Next Generation Energy Act this year.  This bipartisan legislation to achieve 26.5 percent of our energy from renewable sources by 2025 sent a clear signal that Minnesota desired clean energy to protect our air and water, and it is open for business.  It worked.

This legislation sparked a renewable energy sector in Minnesota that has not only helped the state deliver low-cost clean energy to consumers; it is also   […]   Read More »

New Study: Wind Energy is a Jobs and Economic Engine

By Kelley Welf and Isak Kvam | Mar. 17, 2017
energy window sandesh North Carolina wind farm 5 Jul 2016

There’s a lot of talk about jobs these days. President Trump speaks often, and passionately, about bringing jobs (especially manufacturing jobs) back to America.  Wind energy is and will continue to be an important driver of the growth in American manufacturing and other family-supporting jobs across this nation.  And, according to a new Navigant study, more jobs are on the way.

The wind industry is an economic engine.  In 2016, wind power installations represented more   […]   Read More »

Smart Choice: Wind energy puts farmland to work in a new way

red barn image

Red barns, grazing cattle, and the proverbial ‘amber waves of grain’ personify everything good and wholesome about life in rural America.  Yet, across the country, many small towns are struggling.  Young people are leaving in search of good, family-supporting jobs. Schools and churches are closing or consolidating. Roads are falling into disrepair. Businesses are shuttered and left vacant, staple businesses like grocery stores struggle to survive, and even rural hospitals are closing at the rate of   […]   Read More »

Paradigm shift: Wind energy can be the new baseload

NREL   turbines water

Exciting news came at a recent energy policy forum in Minnesota when David Saggau, CEO of Great River Energy, which provides energy to 28 electric co-ops in Minnesota, stated that he sees wind quickly becoming the new base-load.  “In the past, we tended to think of our coal resources as baseload and every other resource being supplemental to that,” said Saggau. “I would suggest to you that wind is quickly becoming the new baseload; and   […]   Read More »

Clean, Low-cost Wind Energy Is a Smart Choice


Minnesota now gets over 17% of its electricity from wind energy. That’s great news for all Minnesotans. We can all benefit from lower electricity costs. Across the Midwest, low-cost wind energy is a smart choice.

Wind has become one of the most affordable sources of electricity generation, which keeps more money in your pocket and helps keep costs low for businesses. In fact, wind power’s price has dropped 66 percent in the last 6 years   […]   Read More »

A Smart Choice: Wind Energy Grows Good Jobs in Minnesota

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According to the Department of Energy, the wind industry now employs over 100,000 Americans with good, family-supporting jobs.  That’s more jobs than in coal, gas, nuclear or hydroelectric plants.  And, these jobs span all 50 states.  While wind turbine technician is the country’s fastest growing job according to the US Department of Labor, not all the jobs require scaling those tall towers.  Jobs in engineering, law, finance, sales, construction, as well as manufacturing all support   […]   Read More »