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Renewables First

House Tax Bill Thwarts Good Policy that is Delivering on the President’s Agenda

wind turbines power

House lawmakers have proposed changes in their tax reform bill that renege on a bipartisan 2015 deal to extend and phase out the Production Tax Credit (PTC) by 2020. Their bill will create a ripple effect of consequences the opposite of their stated intentions for tax reform: a better environment for American businesses and opportunities for American workers.

The Production Tax Credit (PTC) is an excellent example of a market-driven policy that has actually worked.   […]   Read More »

Farming Renewable Energy – Five Reasons Farmers Love Wind & Solar

Wind Energy Helps Farmers

There are many benefits to installing more renewable energy. Renewable energy costs are falling dramatically, it provides another reliable source of homegrown energy, has created jobs and invested billions across rural America, and is driving more competition in the energy markets.

Renewable energy projects like solar and wind are installed primarily in rural America. Farmers and ranchers have a long relationship making a living from their land, working alongside it to both maximize their   […]   Read More »

4 Ways You Can Help Renewable Energy as a Citizen

pixabay 4 ways you can support wind energy as a citizen

There are plenty of reasons that public support for renewable energy has been climbing. Many people see building wind and solar energy as a way to diversify America’s energy sources to be more homegrown, low-cost and renewable. Some support renewable energy because it does not release carbon emissions, a boon compared to other sources of making electricity. Consumers across the Midwest are benefiting from renewable energy’s low price, too. Competition in the energy market is working   […]   Read More »

The Clean Energy Boom Is Here, and Its Benefits Aren’t Slowing

cleanenergymn 2100 people Minnesota wind industry 16 May 2016 crop

The U.S. is benefitting from a clean energy boom, and it’s got the facts to prove it.

You don’t have to look far to find a wind farm or factory that builds wind turbine parts — all 50 states have wind farms or wind factories, if not both. And the growing solar industry is no longer limited to sunny California. States like North Carolina, New Jersey, Massachusetts and many in the Southwest are taking advantage of fast-falling solar   […]   Read More »

DOE Grid Study Highlights Wind’s Benefits, Need for Transmission

NAWindpower 14 state transmission upgrade 27 January 2016 blog

The long-anticipated Department of Energy electricity grid reliability study finally came out and addressed how to best ensure a reliable power source for American families and businesses. A few key insights from the report highlight that wind energy makes the electric grid more reliable, and that additional investment in transmission lines is essential to unlocking more renewables across the nation.

Wind provides important grid services like voltage control and frequency regulation, which help grid   […]   Read More »

A Wind Energy Boom Is Coming To South Dakota

EDF pic for NAW SD article

Boasting some of the strongest wind resources in the country (fourth, according to the National Renewable Energy Laboratory) and the wide open spaces that developers relish, it’s no surprise that South Dakota is in the midst of a wind boom.

Last year, the state generated more than 30% of its electricity from wind power, the second highest in the country. But with the construction of the CapX2020 transmission portfolio, which   […]   Read More »

In their own words: what Midwesterners are saying on wind power

Aug. 10, 2017

The energy sector can be a technical and wonky place, with a lot of jargon around public utilities commission dockets, integrated resource plans, and electricity rate design and transmission issues.

But renewable sources of energy like wind and solar do something remarkable – they safely enable energy production to be shifted from faraway centralized plants to local homes, farms, churches, businesses, and communities. And that’s providing a chance for more people in many more places to   […]   Read More »

Wind Energy Is Proud to Be American

Am Wind Week Logo

I was a kid in 1976 when America was celebrating its bicentennial. It was a really big deal. I remember seeing and hearing signs and symbols of American pride on everything. Red, white and blue was everywhere. I even had red, white and blue plaid bell-bottom pants! Today, America’s growing wind energy sector is becoming a source of that kind of national pride, and it should be.

The inaugural American Wind Week, happening now, is a   […]   Read More »