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Strategic. Persistent. Vigilant.

Our VisionribbonSilver

Delivering a renewable energy future

Our Mission

Advancing renewable energy in the Midwest

Who We Are

Wind on the Wires is a non-profit organization whose 40+ members include wind and solar developers and manufacturers, non-profit environmental, public interest and clean energy advocacy organizations, tribal representatives, farmer organizations, and other businesses that support renewable energy.

WOW is a vital player in the fast-changing renewable energy sector. That sector is growing rapidly, and includes wind, solar, storage, and other emerging technologies—all of which will need WOW's expertise and engagement in the years to come.

Our Approach

WOW is well-known for our technical and policy expertise, forward thinking, and ability to bring diverse groups together to advance opportunities for renewables development and fulfill grid needs. With a wide-angle lens, we seek out the possibilities for wind and other renewable energy, and develop concrete steps for bringing that energy to an ever-growing renewable market.

Multiple changes, needs, and conditions in the renewable energy sector call out for WOW's expertise:

  • Technical Expertise:  As the growth of renewables accelerates, there is increasing pressure to ensure there is ample transmission capacity and that the grid can maintain its reliability.
  • Expand Markets:   Declining costs in renewable development and production are enabling more corporations to respond to customer demands for products and services produced using renewable energy. There is a growing urgency to ensure that as fossil fuels phase out, renewable energy resources grow to meet consumer demands and expectations.
  • Build Support:   To help reach the point of broad acceptance of renewables, continuous education and public outreach will be needed for the next decade.

The best of WOW lies in our:

  • Visionary thinking and doing
  • Growing technical expertise
  • Astute understanding of state-by-state regulatory and policy challenges, and an
  • Ever-deepening ability to bring together diverse and growing constituencies.

To this end, Wind on the Wires:

  • Creates new opportunities for renewables to participate in the energy marketplace
  • Drives grid policy and transmission planning
  • Conducts broad education and outreach activities in the Midwest
  • Innovates. Building on success and adapting to new circumstances