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Court orders MN Utility to "Buy The Farm"

By Chris Zumski Finke on August 15, 2014

Scott County District Court Judge Caroline Lennon today ordered the utilities behind CapX2020 to "buy the farm". Lennon agreed with the owners of the Cedar Summit Farm in New Prague, MN that the presence of the transmission line threatened the organic, grass-fed dairy farm. 

The utilities argued that their structures would cover less than 1 acre of the farm, and would not harm the farm's operations.

But Judge Lennon disagreed, writing, "The presence of the [power line] on one portion of the property necessarily affects the entire property which is farmed together for the purpose of producing 100 percent grass-fed organic milk.”

Under State Law, if a utility plans to pass through a farm in a manner that threatens the operations of that farm, they must purchase the entire property if the owners wish to sell.

For more, see the Star Tribune

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